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The continuous technological evolution and companies' changing needs and practices that are reflected in the emergence of trends such as mobility, cloud and big data raise challenges for IT decision makers including trust issues. Trust in the infrastructure and IT solutions that support their business and must provide performance gains and costs reduction while ensuring business continuity.

Aware of today’s IT issues and their impact on the competitiveness of economic actors, Focus has positioned itself as an IT partner of choice to help customers set up their trusted infrastructure.

Build your trusted infrastrcuture, Build your business succes

Focus aims to support its clients to make the best use of IT technology through comprehensive and integrated solutions with professional services. This customer-centric vision is that of a trusted IT partner whose ultimate goal is the success of its clients, hence our slogan: Build your trusted infrastructure, Build your business success !

Our goal is to provide our clients with efficient, scalable, robust and highly available IT solutions, combining the best of technology with personalized service.

Our IT portfolio includes solutions around IT infrastructure, IT as a service and a range of services from consulting to training through to professional services (implementation, deployment, migration ...) and maintenance and support services.

Our close collaboration with global IT leaders allows us to have a strong expertise and skills around the technologies we deploy. We are thus in a position to seamlessly advise our clients on the most effective and most appropriate technologies and support them for the success of their projects.

Our offer of Trusted Infrastructure is based on 3 pillars:

Continuous Availibility

Data Protection

Advanced Security

  • A reliable and efficient infrastructure that ensures continuity of service
  • Data protection through integrated backup and data recovery
  • Advanced security for more predictability and better risk management
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