Software Engineering and development

Increase your agility through software development outsourcing

IT applications have become an important source of added value for businesses today. With the increasing complexity of technologies, IT application projects can raise several issues related to rapidly changing staffing needs, specialized skills gaps, aggressive project timelines, costs control or the need to keep the focus on the core business.

As an IT services company specializing in software development, Focus can help you strengthen your development skills, accelerate the development of your application, reduce development costs and improve business agility.

Our flexible business models are designed to meet the software development needs of our customers. We provide high quality cost-effective solutions ranging from staff augmentation to dedicated nearshore development teams as well as custom software development on fixed budget basis.

Our expertise covers several areas such as business applications, standard software customisation and adaptation, embedded software development for automotive, mobile development…

Our nearshore software development services have convinced prestigious clients such as SAP, Continental or Nokia Siemens to work with us. They offer the following advantages:

  • Transparent and effective reporting as well as an excellent visibility on the project progress
  • High flexibility to adapt to the customer’s development methodology and working processes
  • Great commitment to reach the project’s KPIs
  • Respect for Intellectual property
  • Close communication with the project team

A strong software engineering and development expertise

Focus has a wide experience in developing software engineering projects with its international partners. Our aim is to assure that we meet or exceed customer's expectations and that they can retain full ownership of all intellectual property rights and software code.

Our software development process is continuously enhanced to improve software systems development and maintenance in order to get better product quality. It includes the following steps:


The first task in designing software solution is to deeply understand our client's requirements. Our experienced team of engineers intervenes to guide you by recognizing the incomplete or ambiguous requirements. Then a proposal is designed by our technical experts which includes executive summary, the project development plan (scope of the development is determined and clearly stated), the implementation plan and schedules, efforts and costs. This would give a clear picture to our clients of what to expect as deliverables and by when.

Project Execution

Once the project is initiated, we carry out workshops in collaboration with our clients to deeply understand and capture their requirements. In the meantime, the team development project would be built in Tunis. This team will be subjected to relevant training and orientation, if needed.

Planning phase is followed by design, implementation, and testing phases. In implementation phase, our engineers will actually program the code for the project. After that in testing, they ensure that the bugs are recognized as early as possible.

We plan our visit for integration and system testing at last phase. Each phase involves a series of internal and external reviews. Reviews at critical phases will sometimes involve you either on-site or off-shore. Detailed documents are generated at each stage for the purpose of future maintenance and enhancement is done throughout development. This helps in succeeding phases.

Project Delivery

Once all types of testing are completed and no defects are left open in the system, the project is ready to be deployed to the production server at the client site as per the requirements. Delivery related QA activities are performed. Different project closure reports are prepared and sign off is taken from client. This marks the successful delivery of the system.

Project organization

Structure of project teams which is followed in most of the development software projects is composed of:

  • Account Manager (non-technical, client satisfaction and relationship building)
  • Project Manager (planning, monitoring/tracking, reviews and overall control)
  • Project Technical Coordinator (technical solutions and co-ordination)
  • Development, Testing and Integration engineers


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