Nearshore Platform

When outsourcing software development or other IT services, coordination and communication can be critical issues for your project success. Opting for the nearshoring can mitigate these risks and provide geographical and cultural proximity which is required for projects demanding responsiveness and reactivity.

Focus has developed dedicated team services that are highly customizable to the needs of the customers looking for nearshore software outsourcing with maximum cost efficiency.

Working under the nearshore model, Focus will reserve infrastructure and resources exclusively for the customer for a predefined time frame. Thus, the client has complete access, control and transparency over the team working on the project.

Based in Tunisia, Focus has capitalized on its strategic location and the country's human resources and IT infrastructure quality to develop high quality nearshore outsourcing services for clients in Europe and MENA region (North Africa and Middle East). 

Details of the Nearshore Business Model:

Under this business model, Focus will hold back infrastructure and resources entirely for you for a predefined period of timeframe.

  • You will have total access and control. You will steer the project and our team of engineers will fulfill the software development according to your requirements..
  • Focus team will follow all your work practices and development methodology under this model.
  • Our team will work closely with your team in order to design software solutions using the specified technologies in the requirements.

Our Near-shore Model offers two schemes. You can choose one of them as per your requirements:

Nearshore Dedicated Resources (NDR)

We will recruit, train, and maintain a committed team of qualified technical specialists, Software Architects, Business Analysts, Development and QA engineers at your disposal to realize all progressive IT technologies for the project. This would allow you to rearrange your efforts for core business activities.

Nearshore Dedicated Team (with a Manager, NDT)

Under this scheme, you will have total control over every stage of the project. You can additionally hire a manager to administer your development team on-site. He will manage the team, and update you on the project process with weekly work reports. We offer a time-proven, individually adjusted cooperation strategy for a win-win solution.

Payment Details

The payment is made on a monthly basis depending on the number of allocated resources and their competencies.

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