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IT Consulting

Through its team of competent and certified experts, Focus offers IT consulting services that help you meet the rapidly evolving needs of digitalizing services, streamlining infrastructures, and optimizing service quality for critical processes, all while controlling costs, allowing you to gain performance, agility, and competitiveness.

IT consulting services from Focus range from technical consulting, including assessment and improvement of existing IT systems, studying new requirements, adopting suitable technology and tools, to designing and supporting the development of customized solutions.

Our expertise extends from auditing to outsourcing, including study and consulting,deployment and integration, and multi-vendor maintenance and support.

This enables us to support our clients throughout their digital transformation process.



As an engineering and IT services company specializing in software development, Focus helps you accelerate the development of your applications, reduce costs, and improve your organization’s agility by outsourcing your application services needs.

Our expertise covers several domains such as business and industry-specific applications, customization and adaptation of standard software, embedded software development, mobile development, and more.

Based on your specific requirements, we accompany you in selecting the best technology for your projects.


Through its IT infrastructure integration services, Focus aims to support its clients as a trusted IT partner in transforming their IT into a value creation lever.

Focus understands your challenges and helps you improve your information system through solutions tailored to your needs.

Focus offers integrated solutions with professional services to ensure performance in terms of business continuity and operations.

Our solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of your infrastructure and business activities.

QA & Testing

The technological changes and the need to comply with increasingly stringent regulations have transformed testing and validation into a strategic phase in the application development cycle.

By outsourcing your testing and validation to Focus, you can rely on the efficiency of our methodology and processes, working with internationally renowned application providers in domains such as telecommunications, automotive, embedded systems, and business intelligence.

Focus offers several options ranging from providing testers, to managed testing services, as well as testing and QA consulting for your specific projects.

Support & maintenance

Focus helps you ensure business continuity by providing high-level maintenance and support services for applications and infrastructure.

These services include corrective and preventive maintenance, performance monitoring, system improvement through the implementation of new features and change requests, user support, and more.

The support and maintenance services offered by Focus enhance your flexibility and free you from time-consuming and costly tasks.

Now, you can focus on strategic activities of high value while ensuring the stability, performance, and functionality of your existing systems.

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