Solid expertise in automotive projects

Looking for a software partner for the development of an automotive project ?

Focus can provide you with the expertise of its embedded engineers and testers to help you strengthen your capabilities in order to cope with the needs of your projects and to streamline your development costs.

Working for several years with Continental Automotive France (since 2006) on different automotive projects, Focus has gained a deep technical and functional knowledge in the areas of infotainment, connectivity, interior control, radio unit... We have also developed a good understanding of the automotive industry actual and future standards such as MISRA, Autosar or GENIVI.

Depending on your needs, Focus can offer the following services:

  • Requirement engineering
  • Component Architecture/Design
  • Software Coding
  • Modular test (virtual & HW target)
  • Software Maintenance
  • Specifications proofreading and reviewing
  • Writing test cases
  • Writing test Plan
  • Updating of test cases
  • Test Execution
  • Manual tests on test benches
  • Automatic tests On GATT
  • Bugs identification and problems Reports
  • Functional tests

Wide range of technical skills in embedded development for automotive

The range of technical skills of Focus includes programming languages for embedded systems (Embedded C / C ++, XML ...), platforms (Windows CE, IBM Rational CM Synergy / CS Synergy Eclipce, CodeWright, Microsoft Visual C + + ...), tools (DOORS, Rhapsody ...) and protocols (CAN, LIN, K-Line, Bluetooth ...).

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