A team of talented IT engineers and technicians

In Focus, we believe that human resources are the most valuable asset for our organization and the engine which carries us towards expansion and success as a major nearshore and offshore software development company.

Focus counts a large number of experienced IT Engineers graduated from the best universities and institutes in Tunisia and Europe. Their excellent educational background coupled with their valuable experience makes Focus a force to reckon with.

As our company embraces the best talents of our country and Europe, we are succeeding in growing at a fast pace.

A culture of quality and service

The human potential of Focus is supported by effective Quality policy and rigorous processes to achieve our missions of providing added value IT services that meet our clients and partners requirements.

Our culture of teamwork and commitment to assure customer satisfaction enables us to work with clients in a cordial manner to offer IT solutions which help them to take their business to the next level of success. Our purpose is to help in implementing IT services with the best combination of people, processes and technology that will make a real difference in the performance and profitability of our customers business.

From the very first contact with our client we aim to give him confidence in our professional approach. Our passion for customer care is supported by strong skills in development engineering and rich experience in IT technical support to offer high quality and cost-effective software outsourcing services.