The vision of the management

“My aim is to transform client–provider relationship into a relationship of strategic partnership”.

The statement of Mrs. Sonia MAHJOUB, Managing Director and founder of Focus is showing the way to become a major actor in outsourcing software development market.

This vision is shared by the employees of Focus who can rely on the experience of their management in structuring and leading large IT Outsourcing projects.

Managers with great experience in IT and software development

Mrs. Sonia MAHJOUB is graduated from the Technical University of Munich in Germany - Diplom Informatik. She holds wealthy experience in the field of IT research with Tunisian Research Institute (I.R.S.I.T) from 1995 to 1997.

After being associated with Alcatel Software Center in Tunisia as Product Evolution Director for ALCATEL’s Network Management Solution ALMAP, Mrs. MAHJOUB launched Focus in 2003 with the aim of delivering solutions that strategically support clients’ needs on an innovative periphery. 

Since then, she has overseen the evolution of Focus as a software and IT solutions provider with a growing global presence.

Mr. Karim Ghandri holds an engineering degree in Computer Science from the Technische Universität München. Mr. Ghandri worked for several years at Siemens and Fujitsu Siemens as Country Manager from 1999 to 2006. He then served as General Manager of Fujitsu Technology Solutions Tunisia for 7 years.

Co-founder of Focus in 2003 with Mme Sonia Mahjoub, M. Ghandri has joined the Management of Focus in early 2014 as responsible for the strategy and development within the company.