• Our Application services are designed to help you to adress staffing needs, specialized skills gaps, aggressive project timelines, costs control...

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    Increase the flexibility of your IT application projects
  • Our engineers will work closely with your teams to develop, test and implement embedded software which comply with international standards.

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    Speed up the development of your embedded systems
  • We provide complete and integrated solutions with professional services to get the most from IT Technology prossibilities.

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    Transform your IT infrastructure into a driver for value creation

Application Services

Business applications (ERP, BI, CRM...), Industry applications, custom development, Software customisation and adaptation, 3rd party application services...

Embedded Systems

Embedded software engineering, Embedded Testing & Validation, Body & Comfort, Infotainment & Multimedia, Connectivity, Interior Control

IT Infrastructure

Storage Consolidation, Virtualization, Data Protection and Archiving, Professional and Integration Services, Maintenance & support, Managed Infrastructure Services

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